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MPUS path

Tomorrow, when you are on your travels whether that be on your way to work, doing the school run or whatever you may be doing, I would like you to stay alert and look out for a special small stone or rock.

You will know when you have found it as you will naturally gravitate to it.

This stone is going to represent your ‘end goal prosperity lifestyle’.

Every night when you lay in bed you are going to hold your stone in your hand and place it by your heart.

In your mind whilst holding your stone go over 10 things in your mind that you are truly grateful for that your new prosperous life offers you.

For example.

I am truly grateful for the amazing holidays that my prosperous life provides me with.

I am so thankful for my amazing alignment with prosperity and every day I see evidence of this.

Thank you universe for blessing me with the ease of paying all my bills on time.

Go over your 10 things saying thank you continuously all the way through.

When you have finished, place your stone somewhere by you as you sleep.

As you wake the next morning, hold your stone again and go over your 10 things that you are grateful for again.

The reason for this exercise is to ensure that you go to bed in a state of gratitude and wake up in MPUS Gratitudea state of gratitude.

Practice this exercise over the next 30 days for ultimate results.

You will begin to see a huge shift in how your days plan out. You will also begin to find that your money situation takes a huge shift from lack to abundance, not just vibrationally but in the physical form too.


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