Top 5 do and don’ts when it comes to manifesting your goals!



  • Do get super clear on the outcome you want to achieve from the goal you have in mind.
  • Do give yourself enough time to align with your goal. Visualize it, write about it, and meditate on it.
  • Do project only positive thoughts on to your goal, if you notice you have begun to project doubtful or limiting thoumpusprojectpositivethoughtsghts onto your goal, stop thinking about your goal and focus your mind on to something else that lifts your mood.
  • Do act upon the inspirational ideas, nudges and impulses that you will be experiencing whilst applying the above steps.
  • Do always be listening to your guidance system whilst you are on your journey to your achieving your goal. When you are feeling good you are on track, and when you feel bad you are off track. If you start feeling not so good and inspired by your goal, detach yourself from your goal, then focus on alignment. Once you have a clear mind, re-assess your goal and aim even higher to build up more desire within you.


  • Don’t talk yourself out of wanting your goal because you don’t know how to get it.
  • Don’t try and work out all the ‘how’s’ that’s the universe’s job.
  • Don’t base how ympustodolistour experience will go from someone else’s failures.
  • Don’t be competitive, be creative.
  • Don’t project negative thoughts onto your desire, this will build up negative momentum and you have the possibility of welcoming in unwanted results

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  1. Hi, regarding what you say here” If you start feeling not so good and inspired by your goal, detach yourself from your goal, then focus on alignment.”

    How exactly do you focus on alignment is it through meditation? Or is there another way.

    • Hi Rochelle

      Thanks for your question
      yes you are right meditation is a great way to raise your alignment.
      In regards to your question “Or is there another way?”
      The answer is yes there are many other ways to raise, shift or maintain your alignment here is a few

      • Focusing on other goals that make you feel good.
      This could be a business idea, health goals or body goals whatever other goals you have that excite you.
      If you do not have any it would defiantly would be a great time to create a new one to get your creativity flowing, this will help maintain your alignment as your focus and point of attraction would be focused on something that excites you.

      • Exercise = let’s off natural ‘happy hormones’ endorphins resulting in a vibration raise.
      I use this a lot if I need to shift my focus.

      • Feeding your mind with universal expanding knowledge through books, audios and videos=
      Contrasting moments are a calling of expansion, if you are having a contrasting moment that is causing you to feel that focusing on something else is necessary.
      It is important to have in mind that expansion is around the corner.
      Feeding your mind with knowledge in those moments is powerful, as you are taking your attention away from what is lowering your vibration, and replacing it with inspirational knowledge that has been designed to raise your vibration.
      Whilst you are feeding your mind with mastery knowledge, your subconscious mind/ true self will pick up on this and expand through the words you are reading or listening too.
      This will result in you reconnecting or maintaining your alignment.

      • Self-talk = self-talk is necessary when trying to flip your focus to make sure you don’t let your thought trail onto the very thing you are trying to take your mind off.
      Be easy during these times though and don’t go so specific.
      Stick to telling yourself things such as
      1. I am always on my path
      2. I trust the universe will deliver the answer to me
      3. I love my ability to focus

      . Gratitude process’s = this will help you shift your attention from ‘lack’ to abundance.
      Here’s a powerful one for you to try

      • Doing anything that shifts your attention from what is making you feel down or frustrated,
      And focusing on anything that makes you feel better.
      This could be by being around people that cheer you up, or watching a funny film etc.

      And of course meditation like you said Rochelle 
      I hope I this helps you.
      Let me know how you get on in the future!

      To your happiness and success

  2. Thanks very much for your reply Estelle. I have been really focussing on feeling good and it’s working. Just the other day I was connected with a potential client from a member of my mastermind group and I didn’t even do anything to acquire him, he was refferred to me! I haven’t closed a deal with him or anything as yet (that is my next step) but the fact that I got to speak to him without doing any prospecting myself is powerful!

    • Your welcome it’s a pleasure.
      Congratulations you sound like you are doing a fantastic job!
      Keep doing what you are doing and I am sure you are going to reach your desired goals.
      It’s great that you realise that it came to you and that you didn’t have to go and chase it.
      That is the true essence of being a deliberate creator.
      I wish you all the success in the world as your path unfolds even more 😀


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