Do you class arguing and fighting as power or weakness?

mpus-empty-mindsAnger, shouting, fighting or arguing is a sign of loss of control not POWER. It’s a sign of weakness not STRENGTH.

Remove yourself from weak minded argumentative people.

Surround yourself with strong, wise and inspiring people, there’s many out there ? lowering yourself to weak standards and reacting,

indulging in arguments or shouting at others means that you hand your power over to someone else, and lower your own vibration.

Is anyone really worth that?

Next time you find yourself wanting to shout or argue with someone take a moment and think, you are really showing the other person how weak you are, and unknowingly practicing an unwanted paradigm.

Show your strength.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is rude or abusive to you, keep quiet, smile and pray that one day they learn to love and respect themselves, just like you.

EVERYTHING others do is a reflection of them not you.
Always be the best you can be and you will attract like minded amazing people??



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