3 Main Reasons why meditation is so important


There are so many amazing reasons why meditation is an important tool to apply to your life.mpusgirlvisualizing
Here are a few to jog your memory.


  • Relieves stress
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves health mentally and physically
  • Quiets the mind and so on…….

The list goes on, but the main reason for this post is to point out to you the main benefits of meditation when living your life as a deliberate creator.

Here they are:

  • Puts you in perfect harmony with the Law of Vibmpus-man-meditatingration- the Law of Attraction is the secondary law and the Law of Vibration is the primary Law.
    Whilst you meditate you release a high frequency which harmonizes the vibration within you, setting you in perfect harmony with the Law of Vibration.
    Setting you in the right frequency to receive ideas, insights, visions and more!
    This is the feeling of creation.


  • Higher self-ultimate connection -as you set yourself in harmony with the Law of Vibration this is where your true self, higher self or sub-conscious mind (whatever your preference) grabs hold of you and you will feel your energy shift.
    This is why you are receiving new ideas, insights and so forth as you are in full connection with who you really are.
    Once you feel that feeling inside you it’s your job to hold that feeling, practice it and master it so it can become a part of your everyday life.


  • Speeds up your manifestation process – if you canmpus-highenergywomen commit to meditating at the very least once a day whilst gently pointing your thoughts in the direction of your dreams and desires, the powerful impact it will have in your physical world regarding your goals, dreams and desires will show.
    Altering your vibration in such a way even if it is just for a short time but continuous is enough for you to witness some magic happen in your physical reality.


Have all this in mind as you meditate tonight.
Happy meditating!


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