3 obvious signs to know if you are off track or out grown your career desire.

  1. mpus-fed-up-at-workFeeling down in general- your guidance system will always let you know when you are off track by how you feel if you are feeling frustrated, pessimistic or any low vibrational feeling this is a clear indicator that you are miss-aligned.

2. Things are not manifesting the way you would like them to (continuously)
this is related to the first point where you have ignored your guidance system so the low vibrational feeling has become a ‘normal’ feeling to you, this happens when you have practiced an unwanted vibration over and over again.mpus-rage
Practicing unwanted vibrations to the point where they feel ‘normal’ means 1 thing …………unwanted manifestations.


  1. You are manifesting but nothing excites and thrills you anymore.
    This means you have fallen into the ‘work trap’ where everything is hard work, business funnels, and WORK.
    I experienced this very thing mid-2016 ew, ew, ew.If you have noticed that you are experiencing any of the above, mpus-boredkeep a look out for my next blog post where I will share with you how you can change all of the above and use them for expansion.
    Keep a look out!





mind power universe success logoHave you been experiencing any of the above?
If so please leave a comment below I would love to know how you ease yourself in those contrasting moments.


  1. yes !!I am feeling the same right now!

    • Hi Seema,
      which one is it you feel is your situation right now?
      There is always a solution 😉
      I’m happy to help!

  2. Hello Estelle,

    Just came across some of your emails again and felt like writing to you again. I had accumulated so many unwanted manifestations and all of those are working for me!!!!!Still…even after so much time for myself, self-reflection, meditation and keeping a check on my every thought !!Is this the result of my old unwanted manifestations??
    Looking forward to your reply!
    Thanks a million!

    • Hi Seema thank you for your comment your questions are always appreciated.
      No it’s not because of your unwanted manifestations it’s either because although you are working on yourself you may still be practicing an ‘old unwanted thought pattern and behaviour’ and where it is so normal to you, you are not recognizing it, or your response to the unwanted manifestations that are showing up are fuelling the manifestations therefore they will keep showing up as you are putting your attention on them.

      This is where you think life is happening to you and not responding to you, and in this case most of the time no matter what techniques you apply if you are responding continuously to outside situations the unwanted manifestations are bound to show up, so it kind of sends you on a back and forth spiral, even though sometimes you may feel like you are on track.

      If you do not learn and grow from unwanted experiences the universe will keep delivering them to you as you continue to be a vibrational match to them. Once you learn and grow you create a vibrational shift within the universe and you will no longer be a match to the same ‘old things’ anymore.

      Most of the time it tends to be a mixture of them all.

      Either way, there is no need to worry or overthink it as the unwanted manifestations are in fact a blessing too.
      But the problem is most hold themselves in the ‘unwanted’ space for too long without knowing how to expand and grow from the situation.
      Unwanted manifestations, people and situations are sculpting you and your character, giving you experience, wisdom and growing you into the person you have now asked to become, once you of course overcome whatever situations you feel are ‘unwanted’
      Everything will happen at perfect timing for you personally, keep believing and practicing <3


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