5 Tips on how to attract your lover using The Law of Attraction.



  • Tip 1

Become what you want to attract. If you want a confident, sensual, kind and loving partner be that person! Work on yourself your MPUSwomenattractionloveconfidence, your happiness and your own kindness remember we attract ‘like people to us’ it is no different when attracting your soulmate you are always a vibrational match in some way. You be confident, sexy, reliable and kind. Set full intentions of what you want and hold those qualities yourself.


  • Tip 2

Leading on from my first tip is stay detached. If you have a specific person in mind implementing tip one and focusing on self love will help you achieve this. Focusing on yourself will shift your attention away from the person you have in mind. The reason detachment is so important is because vibrationally your emotions will be running high about this particular person and If you are attached, you have potential to  project negative emotions of fear, dMPUSselfloveoubt, or neediness which actually attracts the opposite of your desire. You have to become your new lover. Let the specific person you have in mind go, and they will come back into your experience in a way that pleases you.



  • Tip 3

Let it all go, don’t be fearful and love openly! Yes you may have been hurt in the past we all have in one way or another, but if you keep holding that fear that someone is going to hurt you, then that is what the universe will deliver you.MPUSlowvibrationalwomen Someone to take advantage you. It does not matter if you are a good person, the fear of being hurt holds a strong frequency and if you are practicing this feeling unaware on a continuous basis, you have a strong possibility of attracting want you don’t want in a relationship.

Remember we all attract wanted and unwanted, positive and negative. If you don’t want to get hurt overcome and work on the unwanted paradigms from your past hurts and focus on self-love, trust and your self-respect until you feel healed from your past. These kind of paradigms cause a lot of damage in a relationships don’t bring them into your new relationship.


  • Tip 4

Only think about your lover if it feels good! If the person you have in mind or have been visualizing comeMPUSyoungmanthinkingaboutloves into your mind and you are feeling anxiety, doubt or any other negative emotion then purposely focus you mind onto something else. I know this may seem hard as I bet you can’t take your mind of this person! But this is very important, because if you are thinking about this person in a lower vibration this in fact pushes them away or holds them away from you. Remember it is the feelings you are giving out to the universe that is in fact attracting them to you or repelling them from you.

Make a conscious effort to only think about them if the thought of them is feeling good, If you are thinking positive thoughts of love, sexual, happiness and trust about them, hold those thoughts and keep them going those are the good vibrational frequencies that pull them towards you.


  • Tip 5

Let them come to you. Whist applying these tips you do MPUShappycouplenot have to do nothing! The universe will rearrange and make everything happen for you. You might find that you are lined up with this person in a shopping mall, on street or you may get a surprise message. But whatever you do, do not chase. If you are required to take action and make the first move you will receive some inspired action and if you act on this, this is where you will reap the rewards of your vibrational efforts. How do I know what inspired action is?

Please click here to gain clarification on inspired action.





Wishing you a life time of love!






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