Are you stuck in a low vibrational relationship?

MPUSdepreesedmaleonbenchLet’s talk ego love.

Ego love; your ego state of mind will always cause you to act out of character when it comes to attracting that special someone, here are some very common signs that you may be experiencing.

· Hurt
· Makes you cry.
· Competitiveness
· Guilt jealousy
· Betrayal
· Controlling
· Sexual connection
· Neediness
· Insecurities
· Mental/ physical abuse
· Holding grudges
· Attention seeking
· Cheating
· Disrespectful
· Greed
· Up and down continuously.
· Playing games.
· Hot and cold.

I am not talking about arguments or stale patches within relationships. I am talking about if these are regular feelings and behaviors being lived continuously throughout your relationship.

One of the reasons you may be expMPUSfrustratedwomeninloveeriencing this is because when you first meet someone and you were in a low vibration frequency without noticing, your new lover comes into your life and makes you feel great for a while, but soon the cracks will begin to show but by this time, you feel you have feelings for this person, so their ‘bad side and your bad side’ soon becomes very normal to each other as you are vibrational matches. This is where you can find yourself in love with someone that is not treating you right.

It is not a fun place to be, we have all experienced this in one way or another.

When you live purely through your conscious state of mind, you can love someone that treats you bad or change yourself to suit the other person and so on.

Bad behavior can become so norMPUSunhappycouplemal for us and in most cases we can crave that disruptive relationship.

There are a few reasons why you may be experiencing this kind of love, I touched on one main reason, I will be going into more detail soon.


Keep a look out for my up and coming posts to discover more reasons why and how to change this.




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  1. Very true, great article.

    • Thank you I am glad you enjoyed the read!


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