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MPUS out of alignment businessGrowing your career and creating success can be a long stressful process when doing it the ‘physical’ way by this I mean hard work, a hell of a lot of effort and sticking to the rules and in some cases loosing other parts of your life in order to try and gain the success you are trying to chase.

Trying to gain success this way does not guarantee yMPUS Man totally desperate at workou success in anything in life.

Yes we live in a physical world and are physical beings but there are two elements to us, we are high intelligence spiritual beings and we all have access to infinite intelligence when opening up our mental facilities in the right way.

I hear a lot of myths about it only takes hard work and dedication to create success.

How is this possible if we live in a vibrational world, and it all depends upon our vibration with the things we create in our lives?

It is our vibrational frequency and inspired action steps that creates our success nothing more nothing less.

There is no amount of ‘work’ that can guarantee you success, I am sure you know many that work extremely hard and are still broke, or can just keep their heads above water.

Yes you can work all hours under the sun and be dedicated to making money and yes you will receive some, the Law of attraction says so, but, it all depends on what you are a vibrational match too and furthermore the limits you have opposed on yourself.

If you are working really hard every day on tasks and goals that you don’t really want to do, but you feel you have to do these things to gain success.
You are working and doing these things in the wrong vibration, which means your outcome once you have finished your goals (if you ever do) will not be to the highest standards and you will not receive the full true results of what you intended.

It is not what you do, it is how you do it.

On the flip side working on goals and tasks feeling great and aligned on a continues basis, thMPUS Aligned businesse results you get will amaze you, as you are working in the right frequency to receive the rewards you have been dreaming of and more.

Perception is everything when it comes to creating success.

Your very perception is what is creating the vibration you are projecting on to your dreams, and it is your vibration that is creating your success.


A great way to change your perception and to raise your vibration to create more success, is through gratitude.

I love Rhonda Byrne’s book ‘The Magic’ she says that gratitude is a great way to bring the magic into your life and this is truth, and it is no different when it comes to your business.

Although you may not be where you wish to be right now, it is vital that you make peace and choose purposely to love the position you are in.

For example you are a business owner.

You may not see the true beauty of your business right now, but others do.

Your business provides a great service to the world whether you work in coaching, industrial or in art whatever your niche you have has a lot of value.

You need to start seeing your business the way your ideal dream client would.

For example.

Your company provides low fuel electric and gas to homes, you would say to yourself.

My company provides a huge value to families from all different walks of life, giving them warmth on cold nights, hot baths to keep them clean and fuel so they can enjoy family dinner’s together, ohhh I love helping others come togetMPUS Business successher.

Play around with this until you find the right perception that makes you feel warm and alive about your business, then from this day forward that will be intention that drives you and will ultimately turn your motivation into your passion and inspiration.

Write down 10 things that you love about your business or the dream you are trying to manifest, you could start with the computer you work on, this makes things easier for you right?

The chair you sit on, this helps you relax and sit in comfort right? Some stand all day, count your blessings.

It could be the pen you use if you have a favorite, can you see where I am going with this?

There is a lot to be grateful for and turning your attention to the positive things will bring you more ofMPUS manifesting money the things you like for you to create more success, the Law of Attraction says so, it is law.

Read over your new intention and gratitude list every night and every morning, add more things to your gratitude as often as you can, this will raise your vibration and set you up to receive your new day’s success with ease, enjoy!





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