Common mistakes you may be making when attracting love

Vibrational hiccups you may be experiencing.


  • Really, really, really, really, really, desperately, really wanting this person! This is showing the universe you are notMPUSmanbeingrejectedicing they are not there, and the Law of Attraction will respond by holding them away longer as you are in the desperate vibration. This works the same for those that are already in a relationship but are ‘needy’.



  • Being in a love triangle or having a wondering eyed partner will always most definitely set you in the needy, insecure or competitive vibration. The universe sees the competitive vibration like this, what’s youMPUSwronglovers one year could be another’s the next. Just like a trophy, being competitive is very short lived do not apply this to any of your relationships or friendships. Your ego state of mind will have a field day with you in this vibration and can cause you to act out of character.



  • Changing yourself to please them. It may feel as if you want to do this as there is a piece of you that really believes that by you changing to suit them, that you may please this person. But in fact by doing this you dig yourself a deeper hole, because yes you can please them for a short period of timMPUSfedupwomene but the Law of Attraction will line them up with more things that you are not doing right for you to change to please them. In doing this you hand your power over to them vibrationally, don’t be surprised when you hear your Significant other complaining about something else shortly after that phase wears off. It is never a long term fix and it will not work for you.


All of the above is you unknowingly focusing on ‘lack’ and if you do this by law, the Law of Attraction will give you more lack, more of the things you don’t want.

It is not all about the ‘wanting’ of someone that is going to attract them to you, the wanting of them can be the same thing that pushes them away from you.

Think smart and vibrate smart.


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