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mind power universe success logowe have on average around 60,000 thoughts per day, it can range from 35 and 48 thoughts per minute per person we are all different, but it’s not every single thought that manifests. One third of those thoughts are repeated thoughts, thoughts you have practiced over and over again, those are the ones that become your reality.

Most of those practiced thoughts are limited, negative or just simply none productive and you don’t even realize it! Now can you see how you are getting the same of the same in your life?

The same situations and experiences repeated, same situations different people. It is difficult to change your thinking pattern when you are so use to thinking in a certain way, the way you have always known that does not serve you. These unwanted, negative or limiting thoughts/beliefs are known as paradigms, paradigms that no longer serve you.

They are hard to breakthrough, this is wPower of thoughts mpushere the professionals come in.

You are assured to be free from any unwanted habit of thoughts that are blocking you from attracting what you want with MIND POWER UNIVERSE SUCCESS.

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