Do you want to draw the best out of your partner using the Law of Attraction?


The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on we get.

As human beings it is so easy for us to focus on the negative side to everything even without realizing, and this is no different when it comes to our other half.

Being in a relationship and in love our partner can make usMPUSalignedcoupleinlove extremely happy, loved and aligned but at the same time the ones that we are very close too, also know how to push our buttons and rub us up the wrong way even if they don’t mean too.

This is completely natural when being so close with someone.

But it is really important that we stay aware of what we are making our point of attraction when it comes to our partner.

Here’s why….

As I said previous Law of Attraction states we get what we focus on. If we are on autopilot and focusing on the more negative sides to our partners (of course we don’t do this intentionally) but what we are doing is naturally drawing out those annoying qualities and behaviors that we don’t like, this will happen by law as you are focusing on it.

For example my partner is a little wind up, and most of the time I find his jokes and banter hilarious but there will be that odd day that I am not a vibrational match to it, and it can really rub me up the wrong way. If I were to focus and hold that annoyed feeling, that low vibrational frequency not only do I have a huge possibility of creating something not needed, but I add more momentum to a situation I don’t want and draw out more qualities in him that have the potential to annoy me.

As I will attract ‘like’ behaviors out from him.

To draw out the best in our partners the trick is to purposely focus our mind on all the great qualities we love about our partner, make that your point of attraction and draw out those qualities.


Pick 5 qualities that you love about your partner, write them down.

Every night read through them and take a little time to visualize your partner doing those great things you are focused on.

Remember the images we hold in our mind are like a map to LOA so the universe knows what situations and circumstances to deliver to us when we become a vibrational match.

After visualization write down just 1 thing every night that your partner done that day you are grateful for. If you can’t think of one make it up, and create it!

All the techniques above are to be done from a positive state of mind when it is feeling good.

Now here is the tricky bit……

It is your job to see the best in them no matter what! This means even if they are rubbing you up the wrong way.

I am a firm believer in never react only respond. If you react you hand your power over to someone else, are you willing to do that?

Being dedicated to this mission over time and in some cases instantly depending on your own ability to becomeMPUSstayinginalignment a vibrational match, you will have your partner doing and saying all the right on a continuous basis in a way that pleases you.

Yes you are that powerful.

This is the beauty of being a deliberate creator!




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