Doubtful to powerful!

Following on from my previous post where I shared with you 3 obvious signs to know that you are off track or out-grown your desire.
I now want to share with you 3 insights/tips that you can apply to boost you into expansion for ultimate growth.

Feeling down in general i.e. fed-up, frustrated, doubtful and so on-mpus-doubtful

This is your guidance system trying to show you that you are miss-aligned to your desire.
Basically, you’re off track to what you want.

Best advice for this situation is to listen to yourself!
Your guidance system is not giving you these emotions for no reason.
The action steps you are taking are probably NOT the right action steps for you to be taking for you to reach your desired goal.
You will know when you are on the right track as you will feel empowered, clear, excited and so on, your guidance system will let you know through those emotions.
Trust your intuition.

Things are not manifesting the way you would like them to (continuously).

If you have found that you are experiencing multiple unwanted manifestations,
chances are you have ignored your guidance system (unknowingly)
to the point where that the low vibrational feeling within you, now feels ‘normal’ and is dominantly active in you without you even realizing, with the help of your conscious mind and the Law of Attraction. (Negative attraction)
This a hall pass for multiple unwanted manifestations.
In this case, go back to the drawing board and reconnect with your original desire.
Somewhere along the line, you went off track.
Re-align, fall in love and remind yourself why you started in the first place.
It does not matter where you are on your journey,
the Law of Attraction always has another amazing opportunity lined up for you right around the corner, it is just your job to get back in the vibrational escrow of your desire again.
Everything can be changed with a shift in your vibration.
You can do it!

You are manifesting but nothing excites and thrills you anymore.

If you find yourself in this situation this is a clear indicator that you may have outgrown the very thing you are trying to create.
A lot of the time you can go after something that the old you wanted, and not the new you.
You may have expanded beyond what you can even see,
new beliefs, awareness, behaviors and so mpus-powerful-2on,
with this said you may find that your old dream does not do it for you the way it used to.
In this case get excited because this is all about giving yourself a new focus.mpus-powerful


It is time for you to carve out a new dream that thrills and excites you straight into alignment again.

Whilst realizing your new dream take stock of who you now are, what fulfills you and what makes you feel alive? Use your guidance system to show you.
Life is about growth, expansion, and fun!
Whether that means a completely new direction or extending and expanding an old dream.
Re-awaken your passion with a new focus.


Tried the above steps?
Let me know how you got on by leaving a comment below.


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