Focusing on ‘how to make something happen’

If you are focusing on ‘how’ something is going to be achieved then you are focusing on ‘lack’mpusgratitudeEstelle
as you are noticing something isn’t there yet.
Doing this can in fact slow down the process rather than attracting it.
It’s important to remember that working with the universal law the Law of Attraction you have to do things in the opposite way, which may see out of the norm to many.

It is not your job to figure out the how’s the how’s will be shown to you.

It is the universe’s job to deliver you the how’s.

It is your job to know what you want act, feel and believe it is all happening now so you camind power universe success logon attract it.

The inspired action that comes to you, will open up the ‘how’s’.

The fact that you are trying to figure out the how’s is the very thing that is taking your attention from what you truly want, as cliche as it sounds.
It’s the truth.

If you are reading or indulging in conversations that are making you doubt the very goal you have set out to achieve, then you are feeding your ego with more nutrients to fuel your doubt.

You have to make a dominant stand and purposely choose not to do such things, and choose purely to focus on enlightening stories that inspire you.

This will cause you to gain more positive momentum rather than negative by reading failure stories.mpusawareEstelle

Just like Henry Ford’s quote

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

If you are choosing to create success focus on success, if you are choosing to create failure focus on that.

What do you choose?



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