How do we become a vibrational match to nasty characters

On occasions people with what I call a ‘soft heart’
will often find they get taken advantage of.
Although they seem to not have a bad bone in their body.
I have seen this many times through clients, friends, family members and through a couple of experiences MYSELF!

The reason for this is because the Law of Attraction is not as straight forward as you think.
It can work in complex ways.
For example:

You are a kind hearted women or man that find mpus-cold-loverthemselves in a situation where they are with a destructive, cold or controlling lover.

This is because you are a vibrational match in a different way,
not that you have attracted a lover that is a reflection of you.

If you are a kind, loving soft natured soul but focusing on what you don’t want.

Or one that puts others first regardless of their own well-being
(What some will call extremely nice and kind, oh and always puts others first, type of person) mpus-kind-women
the type that ignore their own well-being and feelings for the sake of others.

The Law of Attraction will send you people that can take advantage of you,

as you will be a vibrational match to them on a lower frequency.

This will reoccur until you have learnt your own self-worth and love.

Which will then cause your vibrational frequency to shift and raise, so you then break through that unwanted paradigm, and create a new journey for yourself in relationships of all types.

This will result in you attracting the right people that treat you the way you should be treated, as you will be a vibrational match to them through you own self-love,
instead of being a vibrational match to the wrong people on a lower vibrational frequency, that comes from no self-love.

The Law of Attraction can seem simple yet complex at the same time.

It does not mean that you are a bad person just because you attracted someone bad into your life,
it simply means you have become a vibrational match in a more complex way.

But with all that said knowing what you now know,
you have the power and knowledge to change that!

Keep a look out for my future posts where I will be sharing tips on how you can change this.
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