How to connect with your career and business spirit guide.

We have many spirit guides that help us with different stages and situations of our life.
Some like to stick and translate just the one guide as it feels easier for them to connect too.
I.e. The amazing Esther Hicks claims she likes to translate the one as she feels more comfortable that way and that is of course Abraham.

The choice is completely up to you.
But the truth is we have many guides, and today I am going to guide you on a few simple yet very effective steps for you to have contact with your career and business spirit guide.
This is to heighten you in those areas and have a deeper universal consciousness.
I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Earlier on in the day decide on a time that you are going to meditate and state it with the universe.

For example: Say in your head. Tonight universe at 10.45pm I am making space to meet my guide.

Step 2: The closer it gets to the time you decided, set up your relaxing and sacred place ready for your meditation.
Set up your sacred place somewhere else to where you would normally meditate, like how I explain in this post.
mpus pen
Step 3: Meditating sitting up works better for this meditation.
Before you begin to meditate have a pen and paper to hand ready beside you.

Step 4: Begin your meditation. Here is a meditation I like to use when reaching for a connection with my spirit guides. You can use this one or any other one that you connect to.

Step 5: Once you feel you are in a deep meditative state, listen to your body.
If your eyes want to open let them if tmpus-meditatiospirit-buddhahey want to close also let them.
Go with the flow of the meditation, do not resist anything.
You may feel a huge urge or feel like your body is trying to move towards the pen for you to write, let yourself.
Gently write the words that come to you whilst still in your meditative state.

Step 6:
Beyond this point I cannot guide you as your own personal spirit guide has plans for you and will guide you into a deeper state, enjoy!

Step 7: Read over everything you wrote down.




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Tried out the above steps?
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