How your vibration creates your success and failures

Vibration can be a tricky thing when not understood properly,
in this video I explain how mastering your vibration can create your success or failures.

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  1. What precisely do you mean by “high vibration”…?

    • Hey Jason,

      right I will try and break it down for you in a simple way you can understand.

      So a vibe/ vibration is a mood or a feeling you are giving off every minute of every day.
      Your vibration is what the Law of Attraction is responding to,
      So, in other words, you are attracting what you feel.

      Now if you are attracting what you feel,
      the higher you feel the higher the vibration you attract more of the things that you DO want rather than DON’T want.

      There is a vibrational scale… low vibrations are feelings that don’t feel so good,
      such as guilt, sadness, hurt, jealousy, insecure, frustrated, resentment and so on.

      Then there are your high vibrations the better feelings such as excitement, love, joy, contentment, happiness and so on.

      To attract more of what you want it should always be your aim to ease yourself into a higher vibration.
      Also, when you are in your high vibration this is where you leave your self open to receive new ideas, insights and your next steps 🙂

      I hope this helps you Jason if you want to discuss this more I am only a message away!


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