If I am in a stressful relationship can it affect my business success?

Living your life as a deliberate creator all is one.
Whatever is vibrationally active in you in that very moment, is going to effect what you manifest.mpus-argueing

If you are in a stressful relationship but have a business to run, depending on your own ability to focus, yes in time this has the potential to affect your business success.

You see it all the time celebrities that have soaring careers yet their private lives are in turmoil.
(Seen splattered over the magazines) the next minute you here they are broke, so you see them on every reality show going trying to rebuild their careers.

You see as more momentum builds up behind the ‘stressful relationship’ the more chance your ability to foMPUS Man totally desperate at workcus will deplete, and that low vibrational feeling you carry from your relationship will carry forward with you whilst you are working.

Meaning the ‘bad relationship’ will be on your mind more and more, you won’t be able to switch off, the Law of Attraction will make it this way for you as there is so much momentum behind it.
Resulting in unwanted manifestations through your business, as you will be a vibrational match to it in tmpus-focusinghat given moment at work.

But, please remember this is all down to your own personal ability to focus.

The Law of Attraction will match you up with a ‘like’ situation that matches your feelings.

Remember the Law of Attraction is obedient it simply responds to your vibration.

It’s all about what you are putting your attention on.
If you lose your focus on negative things and do not pull yourself out, it will ripple into other areas of your life.


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