Inversion meditation


Things you will need for your inversion meditation for ultimate results!
(If you do not have any of the below, still continue with your inversion meditation)

. Quiet space
. Candles
. Adventurine crystal
. Sage
. Headphones

only try this meditation if you are fit and healthy, if not please consult your doctor before.

Before you begin your meditation whilst in your ‘quite placmpus-inversion-meditatione’
pick an image of something that satisfies you that you would like to experience and manifest.
It does not matter what image you choose as long as the image in your mind pleases you.

I.e. Your lover, children, business/ career success, anything!
Get clear on your success image, then you are ready to begin……………..

Step 1.

Hang upside down for 3 minutes, you can do this easily on your sofa or chair you don’t need an inversion chair for this.

Take long and light breaths whilst laying upside down, purposely focus on your breathing whilst at this stage.

Step 2.

Once your 3 minutes has completed lean round into a laying down position with your head pointing towards the ceiling.
press play, close your eyes and begin to meditate to this meditation that has been specially carved out for you.
Click here for your higher-self meditation

Step 3.

Capture and fixate on your success image a couple of minutes into your meditation.

Step 4.

Breathing slow and deep continue to focus on your success image and begin to live out the image mpus-inversion-meditation-2that you are visualizing, if your mind wonders focus back on your breathing, then slowly start to focus back in on your success image again.

Step 5.

Continue to relax, and let the meditation take over for a further 20 minutes or longer if preferred.

Step 6.

Once completed repeat these words in your mind 3 times
“I am grateful, I love you, and I am you, thank you.”


Happy creating!








Have you tried the inversion meditation?

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