Don’t take it so personal


Have you ever been misjudged or slandered character wise?
If you have been in the unfortunate situation of this happening to you.

I would like you to keep this in mind from this day forward.
That of which others speak is a reflection of them, not you!

Let me give you an mpus-ugly-insideexample:

Those that speak badly about others and their weight, are usually the ones that feel bad about their own personal body image.

The ones that call others ugly, are usually the ones that feel the ugliest inside.
(Even if they have no obvious physmpus-talking-about-othersical reason to feel that way)

Those that continuously call others selfish, you will find are the most selfish people going.

Everything spoken is a subconscious reflection of oneself, in a like way.

Knowing this, be more easy with yourself and others.
There is no need to take things as personal as you have been.
It is a waste of your energy and focus.

The more you focus on yourself and self-love, the more beauty you will see in yourself, others and also in the way others see you.





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