Money game

mpus-money-gameSet a high limit= Set a high amount of money you would like to manifest.

Let the games begin.
Tonight you are going to do a meditation with an intention.
The intention that by the time your meditation has come to an end,
you would have hypnotized yourself into believing your money goal has already been achieved and is in your experience.

From the moment you awaken from your meditation, it is your duty to have a vibrational blowout.
Meaning spend all the money!

Start shopping around by this I mean book the property viewing, book the car test drive and ‘add to basket’ all the things online you want to buy.
Get estimates on the business investments you are interested in.mpus-money-game2
Start getting ideas and sums of how much the things cost and what it actually feels like spending the money.

All is to be done as if you have the money you want sitting in your bank account ready to be spent.
Once you are clear on what you want, deduct it from your ‘manifested money goal’ like it’s real!

The trick is to make this fun and real, never doubt or think why am I doing this throughout applying this exercise, this is the fun part about being a deliberate creator.
If you doubt whilst playing this money game you take away the magic and it will not work for you.

All is to familiarize you more with the money you are asking for.
The Law of Attraction has to feel the right frequency from you as if it is all happening now.

Through the duration ompusmoneysuitcasef this game you will be sending out the right frequencies, and who knows maybe some of the things you vibrationally spend, might just find a way to become real there and then 😉

I’ve seen it happen Many times.
Dedicate 15 days to this game.

mind power universe success logoEnjoy!


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