My personal meditation routine

Morning glory– and no not the kind you were thinking!
I love to meditate in the morning it really is a glorious moment.
I love to be at my best for my chimpus-morning-meditationldren, partner and business so for me personally a morning meditation is a must.
Before I was never really a morning person so this is something I stay committed to every morning!
By setting myself in the right vibrational frequency first thing in the morning I continuously see beautiful results throughout my day not just in the way I feel but physical and material results too.

On occasional afternoons– I work a lot from home so when I am working on one of my exciting projects and I need a new direction or idea to add to it, or I gempus-afternoonmeditationneral just need to clear my mind I do take a little time out for a short meditation to boost my alignment if needs be.
This is not every day but if I feel too.


Every night without fail– every night I take a little time out to dedicate to mediation.
I have all different reasons depending on the day why I meditate on one day it could be to simply quiet my mind, another day could be with a specific intention, or to manifest or ease a contrasting day.
But ultimately my true intentiompus-night-time-meditationn is to connect, to heighten my connection if already connected or to re-connect if I don’t feel I am truly connected.
I hope you have enjoyed getting to know more about how I use meditation.

Just to let you know it took me a while to build up to a routine that suits me it took a hell of a lot of practice and commitment, and for me personally I see amazing results.

We all live different lifestyles and different things fit for different people.

As long as you are committed and practice in a way that suits you too will see amazing results.

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