Perception check

The best example of perception is the ompus-cup-fullld saying

“Do you see the cup half empty or half full?”

Empty implying that you are focused on lack and full implying that you are more positive about life.

Your perception is everything.

The point I want to make is that whatever you believe becomes your personal reality, whether you are wrong or right.

If you are focusing on lack in any area of your life this goes for money, career, social and personal life.

You will never see and realize the beauty of what you have achieved and what you are really living.

This is the vibration of being ungrateful even though you are not meaning too.

If you are focusing on lack even though physically on paper things are working out, but you’re not feeling and seeing it.
It may be because your perception is distorted to the situation.


Tip to amplify your perception to a more positive view

It comes down to realization,
realizing where you are,
how far you have come,
and where you are now going, all in a stMPUS women waking up productiveate of appreciation,
then the benefits and beauty of what’s going on will reveal themselves to you more as you shift your awareness.

Experienced this?
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