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The Law of Attraction on love.

The Law of Attraction can completely transform
a relationship, this is fact!

You can use LOA to attract the right lover or to completely transform your existing relationship, into something pretty amazing.
Estelle is an absolute believer that LOA will completely benefit you when coming to that special someone.

Jane had had enough, her whole life felt as if it was slipping past her, she felt her life was falling apart.

Her husband of 11 years was distant and she had lost her confidence, they had no sex life and she said it seemed as if life was passing her by.

She was lonely even though she lived in a house with 4 children and her husband.

Every day she had the same routine she would get up, get the children ready for school and off to work she would go.

Her husband left for work at 5 in the morning as he does every morning, so they would never really see each other.

Later on that evening they would all sit around the dinner table and talk about their day.

They would then relax for a little bit, then bed, and exactly the same thing the day after that, and the day after that.

She continued to feel alone, not wanted and not sexy.

She would talk to her friends about the situation.
She tried to do the same with her husband but it would always end in an argument.

One day she decided enough was enough.

Jane told herself, I want to feel sexy and wanted by my husband back, and there’s was no way she was going to let it get any worse.

So she thought they should try couples counseling.
Her husband agreed, so she booked them in for a counseling session.
They were both feeling a little apprehensive but nevertheless, it was worth a try.

The next day Jane had stumbled across a blog about The Law of Love.

“Some refer to the Law of Attraction as the Law of Love”

Instantly Jane felt good as the Law of Love blog was about a couple that had completely turned their relationship around.mind power universe success couple in love

As a result of Law of Love couples training, not only had they got back on track but their relationship was even better than it was before!

Jane felt excited about this Law of Love training, but she was already booked in for the couples counseling session.

Later on that day whilst waiting in a queue at a shop, Jane looked down and saw a little stack of business cards by the counter that said “Law of Attraction training with Estelle” written on them!

She couldn’t believe it!

She took this as a huge sign and rang the number as soon as she got home.
It felt right for her, so she went ahead and booked in a couple of sessions with Estelle.

“And so The Law of Attraction training began!”

After just the first session Jane and her husband began to talk to each other again.

They began looking into each other’s eyes again when they spoke to each other, (Jane loved this).

A couple of sessions later, sure they would still annoy each other from time to time, but they both had techniques and a new found confidence in each other, that would help them through those little moments.

They both stayed consistent with each other from what they were taught, and everything began to change!

Their communication, sex life, their mutual new found respect for each other, and in general how they would treat each other.

But most of all, above anything she claims they started to love themselves again.
They had passion.

They felt young again.

They began the next wonderful chapter in their lives together.

They got all of that and a whole lot more.

Learning to work with and through this law is fulfilling in many ways, with practice and consistency LOA is sure to make any relationship blossom.

The lack of affection, lack of trust and arguments will be a thing of the past.

Make your future hot, passionate, trusting and exciting with your special someone.

Now applying LOA to your relationship is not just beneficial for couples on the brink, you can also be in a good relationship and turn it into a magical one.

Single and looking for that wonderful, deep, passionate relationship you hamind power universe success logove always longed for?

Well, applying LOA will be of a great benefit to you, in fact, a huge benefit to you.

The universe has this magnificent way of delivering to you what you truly desire.

When you learn to live in your true state of mind and have a focus, you will always manifest what you are wanting, and a lover is no different.

Attract your soul mate they are waiting for you.

The above story is true and here is a wonderful comment from Jane herself.

“I have to give thanks to this amazing woman. She knows her stuff! I had never come across this sort of training before. I got what I wanted and a whole lot more! My husband and I cannot thank you enough, Estelle. It was a true privilege to work with you, not only did my relationship change, but I was able to change other areas of my life and create a life for myself that I absolutely love. I was taught things that will stay with me for the rest of my life!”
Jane Portland


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