Do I really need to be self-aware?

mpus-your-thoughts-The Law of Attraction is obedient to you and the frequencies you are sending out continuously.
The problem is that when we lack awareness of self,
it can seem like the universe and LOA is working against you.

This is simply NOT the case.
You are working against yourself.
No-one wants to hear that, as surely no one would like to think that they are intentionally attracting the things they don’t want to themselves by choice.
The truth is if you are attracting things into your life that you do not want,
it is because you are choosing to focus on and entertain thoughts, that are not serving you, so therefore it is your choice.
You CHOSE where to put your focus.

This is why self-awareness is vital to transform things into the way you wish them to be.
Knowledge of self is a must.
To change your life you must change your story,
by changing your story,
you change your vibration,mind power universe success logo
by changing your vibration,
you change your life!
This does not happen overnight but it can happen quickly.
Always believe in yourself.
Always believe in the power of unseen realms. 
Stay dedicated!

Are you struggling with having self-awareness?
Are you manifesting more of the things you don’t want?
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  1. Awesome!!!Every line written above is important!!Great!!!

    • I really appreciate that, thank you so much Seema.
      It’s a pleasure to be able to help you!


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