I cannot express to you all what Estelle Blackwell has done for my business and I. For years I had struggled to bring my 6 figure business into a 7 figure empire that I had always dreamt of. I was recommended by a friend to invest with Estelle as she is known to help you with money and the mental side of business. My business has soured through the roof. I am delighted to tell you I reached my financial goal. I call Estelle the “Dream Queen” she really did help me make my dreams come true. It’s an absolute pleasure working with her. I would recommend you all to invest with Estelle. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IS REALLY TRUE!

Jack Durum, Entrepreneur, Hertfordshire


I had my first session with Estelle a couple of weeks ago and it was definitely an eye opener for me. I was feeling like i had reached a point in my life where i felt lost and unsure of where I was going due to some personal problems I was having at the time. I feel like a new person! Estelle taught me how to find the positive,even in a negative situation. She showed me how to focus on what my mistakes and experiences could teach me and how to channel my energy into creating a better future for myself. I found it surprising how positive I felt, even after one session I almost immediately saw a sign on the way home to indicate I was on the right path. I am looking forward to seeing Estelle again but also to implement all the actions that she has given me in order to keep focused and keep smiling.

Martha Gonzalez, Entrepreneur, London


Hi my name is Amy Phillips, my journey with Estelle started here. I had just had a baby not feeling myself and previously had studied course after course, not quite realising what career choice it was I wanted. Feeling like there was no light at the end of the tunnel thinking my only desire in life was to make it in the industry i had studied in. I was into the film The Secret and always trying to live by positive thinking and manifesting the perfect job. Estelle changed my life. Whilst working with Estelle in our sessions I came to realise it wasn't just the dream career I was after, Estelle worked with me to make me understand my true purpose and who I was as a women giving me back the confidence to run with. After a few sessions and help with writing a journal that we had come to realise was my passion " writing" I manifested my dream job not the job i thought was for me. I am now a freelance writer in fashion and landed an amazing job in this career. I am excited about life I know there is more to come and I thank Estelle for this. If you want to change your life and create what you want I would advise you to invest in Estelle. I now see light and know everything I desire is here or on its way. My life has completely changed. I have manifested huge things that I never dreamed i could do and it is all down to Estelle. She has proved to me that what they say in the film The Secret is really true and it’s a lot easier than what I thought!  

Amy Louise Phillips, Freelance Writer, Hertfordshire


Estelle has a lovely aura around her. She is so passionate about her work and this shines through during our coaching sessions. If you want to reach your true potential by using the Laws of The Universe and discover things you never thought possible then you have to work with Estelle. She is caring, easy to work with and pushes you until you are completely honest with yourself. Even after one session I already saw a change in my way of thinking. I am really looking forward to our future meetings! We invest so much time and money on how we look for example but don't spend enough time developing the mind, which manifests all things. So go on, invest in yourself with Estelle!  

Rochelle, Marketing Consultant, Cambridge


"I have to give thanks to this amazing woman. She knows her stuff! I had never come across this sort of training before. I got what I wanted and a whole lot more! Myself and my husband can't thank you enough Estelle. It was a true privilege to work with you not only did my relationship change but I was able to change other areas of my life and create a life for myself that i absolutely love. I was taught things that will stay with me for the rest of my life!"

Jane Portland


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