The truth behind using repetition to re-train your sub-conscious mind.

I am sure you have heard many great teachers in this field such as public speakers, scientist, authors, mpus-public-speaker
philosophers and so forth,
talk about using repetition to re-train your mind to a more positive successful state
to attract and create success, whatever that may be to you.

This is where you feed your mind with images, words or sentences repeatedly over a certain amount of time so that your sub-conscious mind can soak it in.mpus-prosperity-train



This is truth and it works.



But many fail as although this is a very simple technique, a lot of the time the key opponent to make this technique work is not highlighted enough.

It is NOT enough to simply feed your mind with the images and words from a basic physical level.

By this, I mean with no feeling and emotion behind it.

Here is a little reminder of how the Law of Attraction works in a simple form.

“The words and images you are surrounding yourself with and telling yourself are adding and creating the thoughts in your head-

The thought creates a feeling within you (the Law of Vibration) –

Then your dominant feelings are matched by the Law of Attraction and physical manifestations show up positive or negative, wanted or unwanted.”

You are attracting what you are a vibrational match to through your feelings.

Using repetition for re-training your mind is another way to say practicing becoming a vibrational match to your desire.

It is the practiced feeling that is the main aim when using repetition,
not just feeding your mind with the images and things you want without the emotion behind it, as it is the emotion that holds the power and momentum to manifest as it works hand in hand with the Law of Attraction.
Not empty words and images.

Over the next 30 days give this a try,
when giving time out to align with your desires whilst visualizing, meditating or affirming every time without fail, no expectations take yourself to the ‘feeling place’ of whatever it is that mpusgettingclearyou are desiring. Every single time!

Deliberately make a conscious choice to do this.

You will find that over the next 30 days you will experience a lot more success with what you are trying to align and manifest, enjoy!
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