Technique to stop a wandering mind whilst meditating

This is something we have all experiempus-meditation-golden-imagenced at some point.

Before meditation whilst in your ‘quiet place’
pick an image of something that satisfies you that you have already experienced or one that you would like to experience.

It does not matter which one as long as the image in your mind pleases you.

I.e. Your lover, children, business/ career success, anything!
This image we are going to call your ‘Golden Image’

whilst meditating if an unwanted thought is to enter your mind, slowly begin to introduce your golden image to the forefront of your conscious mind.
mpus-clear-mindIt is important not to force the image, as this will cause resistance, and will hold the unwanted thought there with the help of the Law of Attraction for longer.

Simply, slowly bring your golden image together softly, doing it softly and slowly will distract your mind from the unwanted thought, through constructive focus.
Whenever you meditate use the golden image technique to banish those niggling thoughts whilst meditating.

Your golden image may change as you grow and expand as a deliberate creator, as new and different things will satisfy you depending on the vibration you are in, in that very moment.


Enjoy your peaceful mind!

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Tried out the above steps?
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