Are your meditations boring you? Try this!

When you have been meditating for a long time you may have found that after a long period, your meditations are not giving you the same buzz and deep higher connection like they used to.

If you have found that you have been experiencing this very thing lately,
do not worry.mpus-meditate-blog-post
Making this little adjustment will work magic for you dedicated meditators out there!
The trick is very simple, here it is…………..

Do the opposite to what you would normally do!

Go outside, change the room, change your position and music.

For example:

I got into the habit of meditating in the evening laying down in my bed,
now don’t get me wrong I have had some amazing meditations in my bed, but I found for around 3 months my meditations were nice, but not reaching the levels I know are more than achievable for me to reach.

One night I decided enough is enough, I’m bored I need something more.

In my bedroom, I have a balcony that backs onto a beautiful view of the woods behind my house.mpus-morning-meditation
I had this insane urge to want to be under the stars on this one particular night.
I opened up my balcony doors, set up my sacred space with candles, sage, and crystals.

Instead of laying down, I sat up.

I wanted to do the complete opposite to what I would normally do.
I began my meditation and literally within the first 10 minutes the most amazing meditation I had ever had in my life took place!

The very next day I had one of my beautiful subscribers write in,
explaining she had the very same problem that she feels she is not reaching deep meditation like she used to. (Lol you have to love LOA for lining that question up the very next day).

I explained to her what I did when I had this problem.
Doing the opposite to what I would normally do.

mpus-crystalsShe explained she would normally meditate in her living room and that she is going to set up her new sacred place in her bedroom.

2 days later I received an email from her explaining that she had had a full on re-awakening and she has met her spirit guide and gained clarity on her path.
Wow, how amazing is that? I’m so happy for her!

Now this is not a deep technique or insight I am sharing with you, just a little adjustment I made when I found my meditations got a little too ‘comfortable’.

I have been spreading the word and it seems to be working wonders so it is only right I share it with you!

Change is goooooooood even for meditation!
Switch it up a little and you will be back on your spiritual ‘A game’

But wait there’s more….. something truly amazing happened during the meditation I was talking to you about above.
Look out for my next post where I will be sharing an insanely powerful technique that will blow your mind during meditation, Keep a look out you do not want to miss this!



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